Alaska Glacier Elopement

February 15, 2020


Knik Glacier, AK

There’s something symbolic about standing on ancient ice extending hundreds of feet below my feet while photographing the beginning of a marriage. Angelina and Cody booked me as their photographer before they had a location, which I love when couples do as it allows me to help them find the perfect spot. We were brainstorming options when Angelina saw the images I had taken out at Portage Lake, and knew right away that an Alaska glacier elopement would be perfect. With the help of Alaska Helicopter Tours, we arrived at the perfect spot on Knik Glacier where time seemed to slow down and they could take a moment and recognize the significance of the fact that they had found each other. It was a warm and calm day, and as we walked around and explored the glacial fields it truly felt like we were in another world. After we landed back at the lodge we explored a couple places on the way back to Anchorage, stopping wherever the light and scenery led us. It was such a fun, special day adventuring with these two.

A bit of geek talk – as always, this day was shot with a hybrid of digital and film photography. Digital allows me to capture quick, candid moments, and film (in this case Fuji 400h) captures the true colors of the day and creates creamy, luminous, timeless images. I edit them to match so that there’s always flattering skin tones, retained highlights so you can actually see the details of your gown, and accurate colors so your images wont end up so “2020” (keep that orange skin desaturated greens away!). I’ve spent years working on matching and editing my digital, to the point where sometimes I even forget which is which.






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